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This Juneau Life

Boat Dwellers/Housesitting (Jackie) Sustainable Food movement/ CSA boxes (Kristi) Mail Order (Brandon) Music (Connor) Funny Stories (Susea) Dance and Salsa (Connor and Michelle) Movies Nick and Silverbow (connor) Outdoor Activities/Sports/Backcountry Ski/Disc Golf (Kristi and Aaron) Stairs/Off-road/planks (Jackie, Kristi)

Add Video and Audio Confrencing info

I think that it would be great if we could add information on the Wiki for the Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing units. Hopefully this would include the IP addresses and other info one would need to trouble shoot and include the support phone numbers. This would help for student workers to find easily and be able to help. I know that Joel had some documentation on the this, but I can't add a topic.

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