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UAS Users

The UAS Wiki uses the same username and password you use to access computer labs, email, or course web sites. To look up your username or if you need your password reset, visit UAS ELMO.

UA Users

You do not need a UAS account to use the UAS Wiki !

The UAS Wiki uses the UAS Online Web Single Sign On. This means that the system is available to anyone in the UA System with an active computer account.

UAA Users
You should be able to sign in using your normal campus username and password (AS, AF or AN accounts). For assistance with these accounts please visit the UAA Identity Manager
UAF & Statewide Users
The UAS system will accept your UA Username and MyUA password. For assistance with these accounts, please visit UA ELMO.

Alumni and Friends

A UAS computer account withe access to the UAS Wiki can be provided to anyone in the UAS Alumni and Friends association. For more information, contact the UAS Alumni & Friends Association.


Even if you do not have a UA account, you can still contribute to the UAS Wiki. The UAS Online system allows you to set up a guest account using an externally provided email account. To create a guest account, click the log in link in the upper right and then select "guest user login."

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