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The UAS Wiki is a collaborative website serving the University community. Anyone with an active computer account is encouraged to contribute or modify content. Note: like all UAS systems, use of the UAS Wiki is governed by the Code of Conduct, Board of Regents Policies and the Executive Ethics Act.

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To be able to edit pages that you visit without being redirected to the front page, it is easiest to log in right now from the link in the upper right-hand corner.

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UAS Wiki Pages

Main Pages

The main wiki area is managed as a typical publically-accessible Wiki. Anyone in the university is encouraged to contribute content and expand the number of published pages. To explore the wiki pages, enter a search in the sidebar at the left.

User Pages

Every user account is provided a unique user page. You can quickly link to your user page by clicking on your username in the upper right (once you are signed in). You can use your user page to help you to use the Wiki more effectively: to list "to do" information, works in progress, reminders, useful links, and so forth. It is also good for experimenting. You can think of user pages as your personal sandbox.

Course Pages

Faculty can choose to add a unique Wiki page to any UAS Online course site. Unlike pages in the main wiki, faculty can limit who can access or edit course pages.

Portfolio Pages

A Wiki page may be added to any page in the portfolio system. Like course pages, access to portfolio wiki pages is based on the portfolio security settings. Anyone with general access to your pages will be able to view your wiki while reviewers, graders, or co-authors will be able to edit pages.

New to Wikis?

  • Wikipedia on Wikis to gain an understanding of what Wikis are and how they might be used.
  • Help pages for information on navigating, creating pages and the Wiki markup language.
  • User's Guide for information on using the MediaWiki software.
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